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Practical Faith

Practical Faith

Practical Faith is a collection of six booklets for group discipleship designed to help strengthen lives, marriages, and families that are built on Christ. Each booklet consists of six lessons, each with their own Connect, Word, and Prayer discussion guides and questions.

Winning in Life

• The Power of Vision
• The Gift of Wisdom
• Number Your Days
• A Lifestyle of Learning
• The Blessing of Prosperity
• The Principles of Stewardship

The Heart of Parenting

A Life Lived with Love God’s Heart for Children The Parent’s Heart Training a Child (Part 1) Training a Child (Part 2) Leave a Legacy

The Heart of Marriage

• Marriage Defined
• The Ingredients of a Covenant
• Love and Respect
• Intimacy: Breaking the Barriers
• Guarding the Heart
• Living Decisively

Practical Parenting

• Hit the Mark
• Heart Issues (Part 1)
• Heart Issues (Part 2)
• Strengthen the Ties
• A Parent’s Roles
• Discipline and Obedience


• Covenant
• The Importance of Purpose
• God is a Good Father
• Stewardship
• Tithing
• The Power of a Seed


• Faithful Provider
• Divine Set-up
• Unlimited Source
• Overflowing Provision
• Blessed to be a Blessing
• Faith and Patience

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