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The Sharjah Ruler’s Office has issued the following 30 guidelines for all churches in Sharjah.  These guidelines must be strictly followed at all times, otherwise there is risk of the church being closed.  Churches are permitted to reopen as of Tuesday 8 September 2020, if they adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The reopening of the Places of worship will be allowed at a maximum of 50% of the Place of Worship’s normal capacity.

  2. The Places of Worship will open only during the defined prayer timings as agreed with the authority.

  3. The entry and the exit of the place of worship should be two separate lines. The worshippers should practice physical distancing during the entry and exit and avoid overcrowding at these places.

  4. The Places of Worship should ensure the required devices / equipment is available to measure the temperature and sanitizing tunnel for the worshippers to pass through prior to entering premises. Anyone with a temperature of 37.5 degree Celsius and above shall not be permitted to enter the premises.

  5. The Places of Worship should always use alcohol based / natural / non-toxic / hypoallergenic hand sanitizers.

  6. All worshipers should not enter Church premises without wearing the Mask.

  7. The Worshipers should not stand or sit closer and always maintain the minimum safe distance of 1.5 meters.

  8. The worshipers should not touch or take any equipment without hand sanitization.

  9. No one should be allowed to smoke inside Church premises.

  10. The Sanitizer machines should be placed at various places to ensure proper and appropriate sanitization.

  11. The prayer services should start exactly at the agreed time.

  12. The Places of worship should be closed immediately after the agreed prayer session time.

  13. No Masks or gloves should be distributed at the entrance of place of worship.

  14. All Washrooms and ablution areas to be closed.

  15. The places of worship should ensure continuously cleaning of the premises and also ensure that closed bins are placed in several places for the safe and hygienically disposing of used masks and other waste.

  16. No Confession Services will be allowed until further notice.

  17. Communion distribution- The Priest will go to the person to distribute the communion and there should not be any people’s movement.

  18. The full Church should be sanitized immediately after each service.

  19. No service or prayer meetings or gathering allowed on Fridays and Church should remain closed on Fridays until further notice.

  20. Worshippers should keep the distance according to the guidelines and occupy only the seats marked with stickers.

  21. Elderly persons (above 60), pregnant women and children under 12 years old should not to be allowed to attend the church service at the present time.

  22. Worshippers who have been in contact with any positive COVID-19 cases should not be allowed to enter the places of worship.

  23. Those who have chronic disease or prone to infections should not enter the places of worship.

  24. Worshippers should leave the places of worship immediately after the Service.

  25. No gatherings, meetings and election are permitted in the church premises before or after the masses until further notice.

  26. Mass timings should be published in the church website.

  27. The Places of Worship Should send the mass timings as soon as possible to the Rulers office.

  28. The Places of worship should arrange the Church volunteers as per your requirement.

  29. Each Church will be fully responsible for everything and for ensuring that all guidelines are followed and services are conducted as agreed.

  30. For any emergency, the National Ambulance No is: 06 5584444

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