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Fundamentals of Christian Life

Fundamentals of Christian Life

Fundamentals of Christian Life is a collection of six booklets for group discipleship designed to help believers grow in their relationship with God, develop spiritual disciplines, and persevere. Each booklet consists of six lessons, each with their own Connect, Word, and Prayer discussion guides and questions.

Surrender All

• Chosen and Blessed
• Recipients of Mercy and Grace
• Gospel Truth
• Walking Worthy of the Calling
• Becoming More Like Christ
• Stand Firm

Pray and Seek God

• Pray to Know God Better
• Our Dad, Our God
• Our Daily Bread
• Our Debts
• Our Deliverer
• Full Tank

Read the Word

• Ultimate Authority
• Double-Edged Sword
• Eternal Truth
• Life in the Word
• Change Agent
• Unlimited Guidance

Walk in Grace and Holiness

• God’s Grace
• Saving Grace
• Enabling Grace
• God’s Holiness
• A Holy Call
• A Holy Life

Share the Gospel

• Engage Culture and Community
• Tell the World About Jesus
• Make Disciples
• Pass the Baton
• Bridge the Gap
• Finish the Task

Persevere and Finish Strong

• Strong Faith
• Start Strong
• Stand Strong
• Stay Strong
• Finish Strong
• Look Forward to the Prize

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