Victory Sharjah

A Life Of Victory

A Life of Victory

A Life of Victory is a collection of six booklets for group discipleship designed to help disciples follow God together. Each booklet consists of six lessons, each with their own Connect, Word, and Prayer discussion guides and questions.

How to Walk with God

• God is Love
• The Love of a Father
• The Abundance of Grace
• The Life of Faith
• Mountain-Moving Faith
• The Shield of Faith

How to Experience New Life

• The New Life
• Experiencing God’s Forgiveness
• Real Forgiveness
• The Blood of Jesus (Part 1)
• The Blood of Jesus (Part 2)
• The Gift of Righteousness

How to Build Strong Faith

• Living by Faith
• Enduring Tough Times
• Overcoming Offense
• Fighting Fear
• Defeating Worry
• Withstanding Persecution

How to Win in Life

• How to Break Bad Habits
• How to Tame Your Tongue
• How to Win in Spiritual Warfare
• How to Conquer Condemnation
• How to Resist Temptation
• How to be Sure You are Really Saved

How to be a Real Disciple

• The Marks of a Disciple
• Count the Cost
• Carry Your Cross
• Follow Jesus
• Remain in the Vine
• Go and Make Disciples

How To Know Gods Will

• The Nature of God’s Will
• How to Test and Approve God’s Will
• The Importance of Obedience
• How God Reveals His Will (Part 1)
• How God Reveals His Will (Part 2)
• Walking in God’s Will

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